Full Dentures

We offer two reliable full denture systems: Lucitone 199® & IVOCAP®.

Lucitone 199® by Dentsply combines lifelike aesthetics with unsurpassed strength in a base material that is easy to use. Durable and easy to maintain, Lucitone 199® base materials create high quality dentures that your patients will appreciate. The Ivocap® Injection System continually injects acrylic into the mold during the injection process, allowing the acrylic to fill microscopic gaps to create an appliance that will fit incredibly well. By using this innovative technology, Ivocap® dentures ensure minimal shrinkage and guarantee a comfortable fit.

Partial Dentures

We fabricate both traditional cast partial dentures and flexible dentures. Our tcs® Flexible Partials take less time to manufacture than traditional partials and are much easier to fit. With Nu-Art you can offer your patients a quality appliance that has proven to be more comfortable, durable and easier to use than traditional counterparts.

Treatment Partials

Does your patient need a treatment partial for their adaptation period? We can fabricate the treatment partial necessary to keep your patient comfortable and healthy while they heal. Call Nu-Art today to discuss treatment partial options.


Partial dentures rely heavily on the attachments they use, and Nu-Art has experience with all current manufacturers. When it comes to your next partial case, you are guaranteed a well-made product with the precise attachment to hold the appliance securely in place. Call Nu-Art today to discuss attachment options.