Custom Abutments

Nu-Art Dental can craft custom abutments to meet the needs of your case using a variety of implant systems. When your case requires either cast or CAD/CAM design, you can rest assured that Nu-Art will be able to craft the custom abutment to work seamlessly with the restoration.

Implant Temporaries

The patient’s healing process between the initial surgery and final delivery of the crown is uncomfortable enough. We make sure our implant temporaries are fabricated with the highest precision so that you and your patients can achieve the most esthetic outcome. Call Nu-Art today to discuss temporary implant options.


We are no stranger to this innovative, efficient procedure. We know the process and the precision and timing required for it to be successful. Do you have an All-On-4 case? Look no further than Nu-Art for an expert laboratory partner.


Denture wearers often complain of difficulty speaking because of slipping prosthetics. Implant-supported overdentures can alleviate many of the problems denture-wearers face. By using implants, not only are the overdentures held securely in place by quality attachments, but bone loss is minimized. Your patients will never have to worry about their dentures slipping again.

Fixed Detachable Hybrid

When your patient requires more stability than traditional dentures, our fixed detachable hybrids will keep them smiling. Placed on top of a fully customizable number of abutment posts, the fixed detachable hybrid is easy to remove and place with awesome stability. Call Nu-Art today to discuss fixed detachable hybrid options.