IPS e.max®

With IPS e.max®, you may select multiple framework materials, to combine the simplicity of veneering with the same ceramic while having the versatility your practice needs. Choose press or CAD/CAM methods, and use the same ceramic for either. We deliver outstanding, natural-looking esthetics with IPS e.max®. With conventional cementability, IPS e.max® is the right choice for complex combination cases and can be prescribed as a monolithic restoration or layered.


As a Lava™ design and milling center, Nu-Art has moved away from traditional wax-up design to a virtual process. With a powerful application, we can send a file straight to our certified milling department to fabricate your restorations quickly and precisely all in our modern facility.

Lava™ Plus

Lava™ Plus is an icon of esthetics. The highly translucent material remains exceptionally strong while simultaneously achieving outstanding vitality to perfectly blend with natural dentition. All Lava™ Plus restorations are designed and milled in house. 

Nu-Art All Zirconia Monolithic Economy Crown

Our unique Full-Contour Zirconia is an ideal restorative option when metal is not. The esthetic and strong zirconia is suited for any indication at an economical price.


We fabricate BruxZir® monolithic restorations with exceptional results. These restorations are always beautiful, always strong, and always fabricated to your exact specifications. Suitable for any indication, our BruxZir® restorations will keep you and your patients smiling.

Imagine™ FC Zirconia

Bring full-contour strength into the facial zone with Imagine™ High Translucency zirconia from Jensen. A full-contour zirconia with translucency of pressed ceramics without the pressing, its 769 MPa flexural strength is twice that of lithium disilicate. Suitable for single-unit crowns and three-unit bridges, all Imagine restorations are designed and milled in house.