David Zanon, CDT

David ZanonDavid founded Nu-Art Dental Laboratory Inc. in 1977. He has been a certified dental technician for over thirty years and has gained extensive restorative dental experience on products ranging from removable prosthetics to cosmetic crown and bridge. After several successful decades as president, David passed the baton to DJ Zanon, Daniel Balmer, and Frank Haeuser. David is currently a senior adviser and mentor for Nu-Art Dental Inc.

DJ Zanon, CDT, ME, Owner

DJ ZanonDJ graduated from Milwaukee School of Engineering with a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering in 2003 and is currently involved with quality control and overseeing our CAD/CAM Technology. When he is not working, he enjoys being at home with his wife and three sons.

Frank Haeuser, CDT, Owner

Frank HaeuserFrank studied art and biology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. He has spent the last decade creating natural looking ceramic restorations at Nu-Art. His proudest achievement is being a husband and a father to four wonderful children.

Dan Balmer, CDT, Removable Prosthetics Manager, Owner

Dan BalmerDan has over twenty-five years of experience in any phase of removable prosthetics. His comprehensive experience has made him familiar with attachments, hidden clasps, tcs® Flexible Partials, acetal clasps, full-casts, and laser welding. He enjoys golf and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Ken Zanon, CDT

Ken ZanonKen is currently the Dental Implant and Restorative Specialist. He has been with Nu-Art for thirty-five years and has been a certified dental technician for over twenty-five years. Ken and the team in the implant department are comfortable working with all of the leading implant systems and continue to stay current with new techniques and restorative protocols.