Wisconsin’s Full-Service Dental Laboratory

A true full-service dental laboratory does more than fabricate dental crowns, dentures, and orthodontic appliances. Nu-Art Dental provides consultation and support to doctors in Madison, Minneapolis and the rest of Wisconsin, while also serving practices around the country to perfect the art of dental restorations. We know that to your patients, it’s not just another all-ceramic crown, removable or custom abutment. It’s part of the smile that defines them.

Fixed Hero
Crowns and bridges from cast
alloy to full-contour Zirconia.

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Fixed Hero
Traditional full and partial
dentures for every patient need.

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Fixed Hero
From custom implant abutments
to All-on-Four prostheses

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Orthodontics Hero
Nightguards and retainers
custom-fit just for your patient

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Why Nu-Art Dental?

Because we take the extra step to deliver satisfaction to doctors and their patients! Having the latest technology and the most experienced technicians only goes so far if we aren’t doing whatever we can to communicate with our clients and deliver the most accurate restorations available.